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hi all! i’ve been doing commissions for a few years now, and i’ve learned that i prefer to take a collaborative approach with their clients to ensure the final product feels perfect. what this looks like practically is a lot of back and forth discussion before, during, and after the commission has been completed. i love to draft several options, play around with color palettes, and just general make sure that the final piece is not just good, but great.

i take clients on a limited basis, typically only one or two per month. please use the form below to inquire about availability and potential new products. accessibility is important to me, so i do work on a sliding scale to accommodate a variety of budgets. i will go into more details below.

after you have submitted the above form, the general workflow will look something like this:

  • we will communicate over email to determine price, exchange reference pictures, and hammer out any necessary details

  • a non-refundable deposit equivalent to half the total cost is collected and sketches/color roughs are drafted up and discussed over email

  • once finished, remaining payment is collected and works are delivered either in person (if local to Seattle) or via USPS priority mail

  • tips are always appreciated, but definitely not an expectation, and you are always welcome to show your appreciation with a non-monetary tip (a sweet letter, snacks, cute doo-dads, etc) !

  • you are always free to post copies of the image wherever you like - after all, it’s yours! i work purely by word of mouth, so i always appreciate being credited alongside your finished piece whenever possible

a note on pricing - i tend to work on a sliding scale of about $10-25/hour. please let me know ahead of time if you have any hard financial limitations, and i will keep that in mind as i work on drafts and scale. the above is rather vague, so in more practical terms, here are some estimates of commonly requested commissions:

solo bust $40-100 couples bust $75-150 solo full body $75-150 background/props $varies